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Mask flexibility on Salem State campus

The polling results and research of the following article were conducted, deduced and written about by Salem State staff writers Alex James and Lauren Baker. A completely mask flexible Salem State University is in our future.  According to the New York Times, COVID-19 cases in Essex County have been drastically decreasing since January. As of […]

“It’s For the People Who Died Alone” – “The Thing They Love” interview with writer Parker Goodreau and director Esme Allen

Over the years, the Salem State Theater Department have proven that they can tell beautiful stories on the campus stages. From the socially distant car ride of an imperfect family in 2020’s “The Long Christmas Ride Home” to the playful dance of gender identity in 2021’s “Orlando,” Salem State has never shied away from telling […]

Joanna Gonsalves announces campaign for MSCA Vice President

Joanna Gonsalves, a professor in Salem State’s psychology department, has recently announced her campaign to run for the Massachusetts State College Association’s (MSCA) Vice President position. Professor Gonsalves has been a part of the MSCA since 1998, when she began teaching as only a temporary professor at Salem State. The MSCA is a branch of […]

Raminder Luther Appointed Dean of the Bertolon School of Business at Salem State University

The following press release was sent by Nicole Giambusso, University Director of Public Relations, on March 2, 2022. Salem, Mass. – Raminder Luther, PhD, of Winchester, has been appointed dean of the Bertolon School of Business at Salem State University. The appointment was effective February 13, 2022. Luther has performed the role of interim dean of […]

Night with The Nutcracker

I smiled to myself as my new dress fell down to my feet in my dorm room. I wore a long red velvet slip dress with a scoop neckline that hugged my waist before cascading down my legs with a slit on the left side. At Tatte Bakery, my friend and I were giggling to […]

Sundance Film Festival 2022 review

The Sundance Film Festival is an annual festival in Utah that screens independent films, short films, and television pilots. The festival was founded in 1969 by actor Robert Redford, who wanted to encourage filmmakers to visit and make movies in the state of Utah. The festival gets its name from Redford’s 1969 film “Butch Cassidy […]

“Wait a Minute” by WILLOW

The song “Wait a Minute!” by WILLOW was released on her album Ardipithecus in 2015. The song to most is about a relationship she is happy to be in. What drew me to this song is the almost hidden spiritual meaning in the words that most overlook because it is unexpected. I was not clued into this […]

“Cowboy Bebop” review

This is a review for the 1998 anime, rather than the 2021 Netflix Adaptation Don’t make the same mistake I did: watch the dubbed version of this anime. When you get further into the anime fandom, the general sentiment is that the subtitled version of any show with the original Japanese audio is always superior. […]

Furthermore: Tyler, The Creator Overview

“IGOR” and his earlier release “Flower Boy” is a breath of fresh air after some tense controversies surrounding his reputation. I have a sneaking suspicion the eye of the storm is exactly where Tyler wants to be. This led to him being banned from performing in multiple countries including England, Australia and New Zealand. You […]

“IGOR” by Tyler, The Creator Album Review

“IGOR” itself is a hidden love story for ages. With a bumpin’ exterior and a blonde wigged distraction you almost miss the intricacies of understanding love and loss. Igor is the main character of the album and is played by Tyler, The Creator. He wears a blonde bowl cut and dark sunglasses to create this […]